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19th August 2019

4 Benefits of having a Mindful Mentor


6th July 2019

The S.P.R.I.N.G Solution™ Self-care + Resilience = Growth – My story.

I have a story. Everyone has one. This is #myjourneyto2020. My story – 24 years of personal & professional knowledge…

27th May 2019

SLOW down to LEAP forward!

I think you will all have gathered by now that I have launched my own business but I also know…

19th March 2019

Personal Transformation – am I in sync with the New Moon?

Please can I talk about personal Transformation for just a wee second?  BUT with a great big HUMONGOUS CAPITAL ‘T’?!…

15th January 2019

🧡#mytime4me™ : My Mission🧡

To be able to share just a little more awareness, acceptance & knowledge to help others recognise & self manage…