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19th August 2019

4 Benefits of having a Mindful Mentor


6th July 2019

The S.P.R.I.N.G Solution™ Self-care + Resilience = Growth – My story.

I have a story. Everyone has one. This is #myjourneyto2020. My story – 24 years of personal & professional knowledge…

27th May 2019

SLOW down to LEAP forward!

I think you will all have gathered by now that I have launched my own business but I also know…

19th March 2019

Personal Transformation – am I in sync with the New Moon?

Please can I talk about personal Transformation for just a wee second?  BUT with a great big HUMONGOUS CAPITAL ‘T’?!…

26th January 2019

The first 100 days : Was this just meant to be?

Have you ever wondered why life takes you on the journey that it does?  I’ve always been curious as to…

21st January 2019

The numbers 1, 9 & 19 – is there something I should know?

Saturday marked the passing of 19thday of Jan (obviously the 1stmonth) ’19. I thought I’d wait until Monday to post…

15th January 2019

🧡#mytime4me™ : My Mission🧡

To be able to share just a little more awareness, acceptance & knowledge to help others recognise & self manage…

12th January 2019

🧡You can Make TIME for YOU 🧡 Just make time for others!🧡

Well, that’s the first full working week of the new year done, I hope it’s been a good one for…

5th January 2019

mytime4me inspirational quotes!

1st January 2019

🧡Only YOU can MAKE time for YOU 🧡mytime4me🧡

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2019 & my very first blog of the year… well actually it’s the only…