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19th March 2019

Personal Transformation – am I in sync with the New Moon?

Please can I talk about personal Transformation for just a wee second? 

BUT with a great big HUMONGOUS CAPITAL ‘T’?!

Since deciding to take a corporate ‘career break’ in November for my own sanity & wellbeing after 24 years in financial services, I’ve had so much more time to stop, reflect & learn too 😀 I’ve ended up feeling intensely driven to follow my heart & soul into a new career venture & not to just default to what was the ‘norm’ i.e. go get the next job/a contract role, earn some stable money & keep doing more of what I know 🙈 & it’s been a pretty interesting journey!

A huge catalyst to what happened next was unlocked with Vicki Ostrowski’s help (& I’ll be forever grateful for our paths crossing 🙏🏻) 

Alongside a number of personal development activities … serious transformation alert!! I’ve definitely also become more spiritual & mind curious (if that’s even a thing 😂) & I couldn’t help but read into the underlying meanings of the new moon on Wednesday 20th & thought I’d share to see if anyone else felt the same? 

For me it says : Capricorn

Hard work pays off, Capricorn. With the full moon illuminating your ambitious tenth house of career, authority figures, and reputation in the world, you could suddenly find closure and clarity, in regard to your professional life, or perhaps an important parental figure. What have you been working towards in the past couple months? Who knows, some of you might make an important decision in the workplace, or start an exciting new career venture. *Reflect on the following, Capricorn: Is your current reputation in the world in harmony with your soul’s foundation? How do you make time for both your personal, and professional life?*

Now tell me fate isn’t real & things don’t happen for a reason????? !!!!! #mytime4me 🧡🧡


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