The first 100 days : Was this just meant to be?

Have you ever wondered why life takes you on the journey that it does? 

I’ve always been curious as to whether you really can influence your own ‘fate’, luck & experiences or are they all just meant to be….do we just think we are in control? 

This week my new & very exciting business venture has literally just fallen into place, it now all makes perfect sense – to me anyway (communication strategy is next week’s focus)!  

I am genuinely stunned that all of this passion to make a real difference for others, the hunger & excitement to learn something new every day & these creative genes were all hiding inside of me, just waiting for their chance to pounce when the time was right. 

85 days ago – yes only 85 days – I made a pretty brave decision (or some may say just crazy!). I could never have predicted that this decision would lead to me changing my entire outlook on life in general & more significantly ‘my career plan’ direction. 

Talk about transformational change!!! 

So this week I’ve :

  • Attended my very first trade show, on the look out for inspirational health & wellbeing products. Not only did I discover some amazing products, I also met some amazing people who I discovered had so many relatable stories & common interests. I am even planning to meet up again soon with a couple of the ladies & hope to collaborate with them in the very near future!
  • Clarified my business story, framework & launch plan. 
  • Discussed collaboration for launch with 2 wonderful local small business ladies. (another of my social goals) 
  • Agreed to collaborate my launch with another amazing lady who runs a non-profit organisation, designed to support families in trauma through using video and audio resources.
  • Offered & had acceptance for a second trustee for my charity which is in the process of being set up.
  • Had confirmation of my very first public speaker opportunityat a ‘Women Inspiring Women’ event in Bristol in May!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Continued to learn about real life examples & insights through an intensely interesting mental health research group on facebook :      Click here to request to join us 
  • Continued to expand my social media knowledge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest & even created & launched mytime4me’s very own YouTube Channel! Click here to visit our new YouTube Channel – 1 minute of mytime4me
  • Continued to enhance my own website – all self taught!
  • Received more customer orders from our Etsy shop & expanded our range of health & wellbeing products. Find out more on our facebook page  Click here to view our products in our mytime4me Etsy shop

And so much more news to come, something VERY EXCITING already in the pipeline to share with you next week!!

The first 100 days of the new me ….. so excited to see what the next 15 bring!

Alvina x

Founder of ‘mytime4me’ 

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