The numbers 1, 9 & 19 – is there something I should know?

Saturday marked the passing of 19thday of Jan (obviously the 1stmonth) ’19.

I thought I’d wait until Monday to post my blog this week, as apparently this is the most depressing day of the year, so I’m kind of hopeful that I can brighten your day up, even just a little bit to compensate! 

It was my birthday last week & was thinking back to when I was 19 (only because it was the 19thJan ‘19… which seems more than a little bit odd once you read on further). Whitney Houston was topping the charts with ‘I will always love you’. This prompted me to reflect & consider the tremendous positive impact that she was able to have on others through her music & fame, an extremely successful & inspiring woman. Although this did then lead to thoughts of sadness that her life ended as tragically as it did. This in turn, because of my new deepening interest in the mind & how it really works, made we wonder how well her emotional wellbeing was being nurtured, or perhaps it was not? 

Now this is the bit you might laugh at, I’ll now let you into my self-confessed ‘free spirit/hippy chick’ mindset …… but please bear with me, there is a point, or certainly something that might just make you wonder! 

I lived at number 19 for about 11 years when I was a child, I decided to write about the number 19 for 19thof the 1stmonth ‘19 – is this not a little bit weird? So, I had to google it (as you do) but never expected to learn that: 

The number 19 is a virtuous number and brings good news for you.

The number 1 vibrates the energies of uniqueness and independence, provides the power of motivation, progress, ambition & striving forward. It shows that with new beginnings you will achieve success.

The number 9 represents the energies of the Universal Spiritual Laws. It also leads to the spiritual enlightenment*, awakening, inspiration, serving humanity, and becoming a good example. It promotes intuition and problem-solving ability. Overall, it is the sign of completion, an ending that will lead to the new beginning.

Spooky? Weird? Well, as you all know I’ve left my crazy busy corporate life behind for now & over only the last couple of months & by letting my heart & soul have a rest & lead the way, I’ve achieved so much in just one more week….

So this week I’ve :

  • Continued to learn about real life examples & insights through an intensely interesting mental health research group on facebook :      Click here to request to join us 
  • Continued to expand my social media knowledge on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest & even created & launched mytime4me’s very own YouTube Channel! Click here to visit our new YouTube Channel – 1 minute of mytime4me
  • Continued to enhance my own website, even adding a customer review widget thingy this morning.
  • Received our very first customer order from our Etsy shop!  Click here to view our products in our mytime4me Etsy shop
  • Started to meet up with potential trustees for my charity with one amazing offer out & accepted.
  • Announced very first featured monthly Product Provider collaboration (one of my social goals) St Andrews Heavenly Scents.
  • Launch my new 1-1 individual & small business mentoring services.
  • Started to study for a hand reflexology diploma to further compliment my mentoring services

So maybe this really was meant to be & 1,9 & 19 could be my lucky numbers?

Hope you all have a great week, I’m off to get in the lottery queue!!

Alvina x

Founder of ‘mytime4me’ 

*Update 12th Feb: I have highlighted the word enlightenment as I read back through these blogs …….. AFTER…… I have decided to call my community hub ‘Enlighten’ !!!!!!

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