🧡You can Make TIME for YOU 🧡 Just make time for others!🧡

Well, that’s the first full working week of the new year done, I hope it’s been a good one for you? 

What I certainly wouldn’t have predicted for 2019 was that I would be starting the year with a new self employed lifestyle & routine and guess what ….I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!!

This week I’ve experienced what it feels like to have a brand new ‘working’ week, not only has it allowed ‘mytime4me’ EVERY day, it has been liberating, fulfilling & FUN too!

I started the week off with a PiYo class on Monday morning (#REDJanuary well underway!) and ended it with an intense sense of purpose.

By just giving & spending more time with friends & family this week in many different ways, it has given me time to reflect on the value & importance of making time for others, it gives you such a positive energy boost which of course feels amazing & for me, just seems to naturally boost my creativity genes even further!

Talk about ‘finding the real you’, by taking the time over the last couple of months to let my heart & soul lead the way, I’ve discovered that I have had a few hidden interests, knowledge & creative talents too … who is this new me???????

I’ve :

  • Created & manage an intensely interesting & interactive mental health research group on Facebook, feel free to join us if you would like to:  mytime4me Mental Health Research Group
  • Expanded my social media knowledge on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest.
  • Researched, designed & launched my own brand & taglines.
  • Designed, created & manage my own website.
  • Started writing a blog!
  • Drafted & updated my core business plan & strategy.
  • Designed and launched a brand new product –  ‘mytime4me’ by mail – a Wellbeing gift box,  to begin generating an income stream & more importantly to build up 25% of profits, which will be donated to the registered charity trust that I am in the process of setting up.
  • Sourced & engaged new suppliers & set up a selling page on Etsy – Feel free to have a look!

Etsy – mytime4me Wellbeing gift box

  • Signed up & started to study for a Mindfulness diploma to compliment my 1-1 & group mentoring services that I will be launching soon.
  • Signed up for a Scottish Mental Health First Aid course in early February, with the intention of applying to become an instructor to help advocate & raise knowledge, awareness & the importance of emotional wellbeing.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!

Alvina x

Founder of ‘mytime4me’ 

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  • Lisa Duncan

    Great blog Alvina. We all are so busy in life today, it is important to take time for ourselves. …although for many, myself included, it takes a lot of time before they could put themselves first. Now I make time doing my exercise classes walking and reading. It really helps keep me boosted as work can be difficult at times.
    Loving your new venture. X

    Reply to Lisa Duncan
    • Post authormytime4me

      Hi Lisa, thank you so much for commenting & sharing your thoughts on how to put yourself first and how difficult this simple task can actually be sometimes! I also really appreciate your kind words & support x

      Reply to mytime4me

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