🧡Only YOU can MAKE time for YOU 🧡mytime4me🧡

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2019 & my very first blog of the year… well actually it’s the only blog I’ve ever done so please bear with me!!

The 1stof January always brings with it a fresh opportunity to start again. Honestly, who doesn’t take 5 minutes on Hogmanay to think about the year gone by? What did I experience? What did I learn? How do I feel? What am I going to do differently this year?

YOU have a choice. In the time it takes YOU to read this sentence – yes, right now –YOU can MAKE the most important resolution for 2019 for YOU. Look, I’ve even written it down for you. IT IS VERY SIMPLE. 

 🧡MAKE time for YOU 🧡

I’m hoping to share with you the ups & downs of my own personal journey as I ‘maketime4me’ this year. I’ve decided to set up my own social enterprise business after 24 years in the financial services industry & to make some pretty significant lifestyle changes.  This was NOT in the career or life plan but as we all know too well, life doesn’t always go to plan.

This new career direction has created itself and evolved naturally after pressing pause on the ‘autopilot’ of life just 3 months ago! I am a great believer in the saying that ‘things happen for a reason’ so who am I not to take heed of where my instincts want to take me, even if it is just for a while? 

In my mind, if I am sitting on Hogmanay at the end of 2019 knowing that a single person has related to my story and if by resonating with it, it has helped or supported them in some way & even inspired them to be just a little bit braver than they have ever been before, I will have succeeded.

Of course, I have no idea what the year ahead holds but what I do know is that I am expecting the unexpected & I’m just going to let my heart & soul lead the way! 

So before I close my first ever blog (my teenage kids are going to be mortified) what I will share from the outset is: 

I’ve NEVER been self employed,

I’ve NEVER been so brave – BUT,

I’ve NEVER been more determined & passionate to SUCCEED!! 

I’m a self-confessed control freak,

I’m definitely a little scared – BUT,

I may never get the same chance to make a difference to people’s lives ever again so I’m going to give it my very best shot anyway.

Alvina x

Founder of ‘mytime4me’

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  • Stuart Marriott-Laurie

    Hi Alvina,
    Thank you for writing your blog.

    As you have said, we don’t know what’s around the corner, and even if we did would we keep walking.

    I have promised myself that I will read more this year . Your blog is a start for me.

    Having been in financial services for 29 years with the same firm since I was a boy, I can’t take things for granted as tomorrow may bring it’s own challenges.
    I love my industry . I love what we do. I love working for and with so many driven people.

    I was blessed to meet two retired gentlemen at Airth Castle at the Hogmanay ball.

    They have given me some very sound advice.

    Live life each day to the maximum. Give it your best shot. Don’t die wondering. If you’re going to fail , make sure you fail big because then you have given it your best effort. You may have missed the target but you tried.

    Having known you through business for some years I wish you every success in the present.

    I look forward to the next blog.

    Wishing you a happy, prosperous and selfdriven new year.

    With love,


    Reply to Stuart Marriott-Laurie
    • Post authormytime4me

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Stuart, I really do appreciate your support.

      You are absolutely right when you say that one of the (many) reasons we have stayed in our industry for such a long time is purely because we enjoy & have thrived in it!

      There’s a lot of love, loyalty & pride in what we have achieved so far & more importantly for me, having had the opportunities to help, support and inspire many others around me along the way & seeing them succeed in so many different ways will always be invaluable.

      2019 WILL be lifechanging for me regardless of the challenges I will face along the way but as you also say very wisely…you don’t know what’s ahead so live life to the full today!!!

      Reply to mytime4me
  • Heidi

    Hi Al,
    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your journey ahead. I look forward to hearing how you get on.
    I think we all can relate to your blog and can be scared to leap from “what you know”.

    All the best for 2019!!

    Happy blogging. 😚😋😛😝😜

    Reply to Heidi
    • Post authormytime4me

      Thank you so much Heidi for your words of encouragement, I really do appreciate it.
      It’s a massive, humongous leap of faith for me but I’m absolutely 100% certain that it is meant to be as none of this has been planned ahead or forced in anyway. Life has a funny (spooky almost)way of organising events that I’ve experienced & learned from that I believe will help guide me through. Everything still crossed though…just in case 😀

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  • Maggie Wright

    Looking forward to reading this blog too. Im absolutely sure this new business idea will be a success with you at the helm Alvina. Go girl. 😁 x

    Reply to Maggie Wright
    • Post authormytime4me

      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement Maggie x I’m so excited to be learning and discovering new things every day. Like you said to me, when you are really passionate about something it doesn’t feel like work at all xx

      Reply to mytime4me
  • Billie

    Your blog is great. Such an achievement and makes you feel incredible knowing you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and make that big step. Me and my business partner have done exactly the same and have had a completely different take on life and job roll and have started our own wellbeing company also to focus on peoples mental health and try to help people Relax, Balance & Restore. This is something so different to what were used to doing but as you said your self life doesn’t always go to plan and we can take our self on a different route to what we have originally been taken. Look forward to keeping up to date with your page.
    From Billie

    Reply to Billie
    • Post authormytime4me

      Thank you so much Billie for your kind words. It’s such an amazing journey I’m on, so much more fulfilling & learning new things & meeting new people EVERY day! I’ve liked your facebook page & really like the look of your products, likewise looking forward to following you & see how you get on 🙂 x

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